CD Package with all above audios with two topics per CD.


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The Original Glenn Turner Series

(3) (Part 1) MY BROTHER’S KEEPER (Adaptability, and relating to people. Be yourself. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Sell yourself.)
 Price $4.95 Download

(2) (Part 1) AN OLD DOG (If you are down Mr. Turner will get you up. Repeating the right things will make you a success. How to get along with people and be successful.) Price $4.95 ​Download

(Part 2) RED YELLOW – BLACK & WHITE (The world is filled with many types of people. We all come from different parents and backgrounds. Forget the past and go on with the future. You sell don’t tell.) Price $4.95  Download

(Part 2) THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY (Take back you mind. You are in control. Hard work makes it, no matter what.)
Price $4.95 Download

Part 2) THAT’S ALL THERE IS! (Exercise your mind to flex for the right answer. Don’t use your worry muscle. Have belief in yourself. The Village of Anything is Possible.)  Price $4.95 Download

(1) (Part 1) MY WAY (How to be your own Santa Claus. Not so impossible dream. If you can believe you can achieve. How average people can make it no matter what.)  Price $4.95 Download

(4) (Part 1) THE ONLY WAY IS UP (Develop nothing into some things. You choose how full your life will be. Worry is a waste of time. To be a Leader you must adjust. Handling people.) Price $4.95  Download

(Part 2) LEADERS ARE  MADE NOT BORN (Become your own leader. Be able to do all the jobs. Loyalty makes a good leader. Reward people for dedication, honesty, and loyalty. How to be a leader. Leadership under pressure.)  Price $4.95 Download

(6) (Part 1) THE WHOLE WORLD IS TALKING – ABOUT ME? (Don’t worry about what other people say. Live life like a big game. How can you be happy? Don’t judge by outside appearances.) Price $4.95 Download

(Part 2) CONVINCE YOURSELF FIRST (Sell yourself. Be honest with yourself and everyone else. Learn to love and respect your fellow man.)

Price:  $4.95  Download

CD Package with all above audios broken down just like the individual downloads, there are 12 of them.


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Titles to CDs with description of information in each package price for CD's is at the bottom of the page. There is a separate package for the downloads; the download package will be sent in an email with them in a winzip file. The individual price for downloads is by each individual CD: 

(Part 2) FROM HERE TO REALITY (Everybody has problems how do you handle them? Join a dream not a company. How to make your belief a reality.) Price $4.95  Download

(5)  (Part 1) LAUGH & THE WORLD LAUGHS WITH YOU (Humor makes the difference. Laughter is good medicine. Turn negative into positive with laughter.) Price $4.95  Download

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness