Young male actor who play Glenn as a teenager into his early twenties.

GWT playing himself as the adult.

Many of the people in the crowd shots earned their way into this film by meeting specific sales goals for the company. The minimum requirement was $10,000 a month in sales.    

The Glenn W. Turner Story "Dare To Be Great"

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Coming  December 8th

Today Mr. Turner is still encouraging everyone to better their best.

Our Steps to Greatness Seminars encourage you to better your best. Teaching you how to have a positive attitude no matter what, succeed in all the phases of your life. Hundred of thousands of people changes their lives and their children's lives to the better by attending these seminars.

Young child actor playing Glenn as a child. 

One day Glenn as the young actor, “How would you like to be like me when you grow up? Helping people, traveling in a jet plane going where you are wanted?”

The response was, “No, it takes 2 hours everyday to put this harelip on.”   
From the mouths of babes!!

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Price:  $35.95

 This is a powerful story of a man’s rise to international fame, wealth and prominence from meager beginnings, born with a harelip, the eldest child of a dirt-poor sharecropper, with little formal education. [112 minutes]

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This young man did not realize GWT's harelip was real.

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness