Senior Series

Builds inner resources that will bring meaning to life after retirement. This is the opportunity for any senior citizen to help them get the most out of life.

Titles to Audio tapes with description of information in each:

(1) DARE TO BE!!! (Think back to your youth. Remember setting out to conquer the world? How about the adventure of marriage. Are you challenged by the opportunities that lie ahead of you. Don’t let the good old days shade out today. Is the biggest thrill of your life the ring of the telephone?)

(2) PURPOSE (Purpose is a reason for living. Don’t give life a half-hearted effort to live your life. Have the desire to move forward. You can take three different avenue to life. Have the desire to move forward. You can take three different avenues to life. What are the 3 main purposes in everyone’s life?)

(3) WHAT YOU ARE (The concept that you have of yourself. Aging can not be measure chronologically. What is your personal worth in your mind? Give happiness to others. You are not what you do. Are you one of the people who sells themselves short 75% of the time?)

(4) SETTING GOALS (Today is your day to move the world. Goals help to show where you are going. Put your wants into words. Make adjustments when seeking your goals. Your goals must be personal. Make goals concrete and measurable.)

(5) POSSIBILITY THINKING (Enthusiasm if your personal battery to help get you going. Are you caught in the routine of habit? Your face reflects both what is negative and positive. Your worth while-ness in life is in direct proportions to your enthusiasm?)

(6) RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE (We were not meant to stand alone. Do you regard other people as inferior? Or do you possibly regard other people as superior? Change your love of objects to people. What are the 7 desires of mankind?)

(7) STAYING YOUTHFUL (What is age? What is youth? What is your attitude towards age? Keep liking people. Never stop growing!! Be friendly. Action is vital for life at any age. There is beauty at every age. Reward others with words. Seven ways in which to have people like you.)

(8) CREATIVE IMAGINATION (The ability to imagine is a very important one. What are the different types of imagination? Be curious about things. Ask the reason “WHY?” Now is the time to develop you sixth sense. Go the extra mile! Never, never, never give up!!!!!)

(9) SELF – CONFIDENCE (How to tell a winner from a loser. Nothing can compare with the miracle of life. Know that you have life abundant. Have a sense of well being and success. Take the position of your mind. Learn something new. What are the keys to the greatest satisfaction? No one can ever complete an education today, because every day is an education. Become a self-starter.)

(10) PERSISTENCE (The gift of the ages. How do you view retirement. Grow or die. Use it or lose it.)  

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The Best is Yet to Be

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness