The Art & Science of Retail Selling

Titles to Audio tapes with description of information in each:

(1) INTRODUCTION (What you need to consider first. In which direction are you going to go. Selling is both an art and a science. Get yourself ready. What is required for a sales position. How does dress and grooming play a part?)

(2) A.C.T.I.O.N. (The six essentials of retail selling. Get into the action. This program deals with the two aspects of selling the positive. Salesperson must side step controversy. How to handle objections in a positive manner.)

(3) CUSTOMER RELATIONS IN RETAIL SELLING (How to sell a chair! Never underestimate a customers intelligence. How to approach a customer properly. How do you find out what the customer wants. A friendly smile should be a part of your attire. Personalized selling is not a thing of the past.)

(4) THE RETAIL SALESMAN AND THE “WH FACTOR” (What is involved in retail selling? What is modern merchandising? What is a successful sale? What are the types of transactions of a sale? How important is the stores image?)

(5) SUPERVISION (The key to quality performance. Do you want to be a supervisor? Or are you already a supervisor, who wants to improve their skills. Leadership, judgment, understanding and tolerance. Management is nothing more or less than organization.)

(6) (side 1) THE “BEGINNING” SUPERVISOR IN RETAIL SELLING (The loneliness of command happens when you become a supervisor. Where to start. Supervise yourself first. All the parts make up the whole. Make yourself a plan and follow it.)
(side 2) SUPERVISORY DISCIPLINE (How to handle employees when discipline is needed the right way and the wrong way. Your given the opportunity to judge for yourself.)

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