George C. St. Laurent Jr.

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  Glenn W. Turner was the first king of network marketing. A sharecroppers son, with and 8th grade education and a harelip (cleft pallet), he turned a $5,000 (in 1967) investment into 300,000,000 (three hundred million) in five years.

  I was a National Instructor for Koscot and Dare To Be Great. What I learned and taught with both of these companies has made our life a success. Today my husband and I own a very successful business with the foundation that was laid by Mr. Turner and his companies. We love Mr. Turner, respect and VALUE HIS FRIENDSHIP. We own Equalizer, Inc. a Tax Consulting business consisting of the preparation of the Federal and State tax returns for individuals and corporations. We negotiate with the International Revenue Service and other taxing authorities on behalf of the taxpayer when they have IRS problems.

  I wanted you to know that you are one of my idols. I’m 40 years old, and have followed your career since I was ten.  I was raised in Eastover, South Carolina. I traveled around the world cause you said I could do anything………. I have a beautiful wife and a 10 year old son…….

  I finished 20 years in the Air Force, so when I make it no one can use any excuse that I’m not a true American. I retired from the Air Force last year and I am now starting as an entrepreneur…..A salesman…. I needed someone I could follow… someone to look up to… someone who lives by action… not theory…. someone who has reached and got it all.

       You are that person for me. Thank you. Your books are dog-eared from years of use…

Willie H. Jr.

  My name is Toni A. at Campbell High School. I’m one of the students whose teacher’s class you gave your speech in. I’m writing to thank you for coming to speak to us at our school, free of charge. Before you came, I thought at the rate I’m going, I’m not going to be able to handle anything life throws at me in the future. I’m going to tell you the truth, when you were telling us your stories I thought, “This is a joke, it can’t be true, he didn’t have any education,” but it was. Thank you again, you have shown me that anything can happen if you set your mind to it. Also, that there is a light that I could follow to lead me to my success.


  I asked Glenn, “Do you know how many people your attitude message has affected?” He said, “I know one for sure — me! If I’m the best I can be for myself, then I’m the best I can be for others. I just gave the message — I was the messenger — the people were the ones who got the message, and did something with it.” 

  Who is Glenn Turner? 

  “What does it take to become a success?”   by Jeffrey Gitomer “Those were words I heard more than 500 times as I watched a movie called “Challenge to America” every day for almost two years. It is by far the best example of group salesmanship, positive attitude, story telling, and platform presentation ever put on film. The star of the film is Glenn W. Turner, arguably one of the greatest salespeople of all time."

    “My product was positive attitude. Still is. The most powerful success tool in the world is the human mind — and 95% of Americans don’t control theirs. Their attitudes are controlled by negative things (local news, violence, politics, taxes, lawsuits) and negative people.”  

​Edward T. Vogel, L.P.T., M.P.H. - Vogel Enterprises

  I met Mr. GWT, in 1972 in Cincinnati, Ohio where approximately 3,00 people were gathered for the weekend to listen to a man who had learned the Secret to Success and was sharing it with those who wanted to learn that secret. I am so thankful that I went to that gathering because without his teaching and leadership I would not have had the successes I have achieved. He taught me how to believe in myself and that anything was possible. It has been an honor to have him in our home and in our lives. He not only taught me to dream the impossible dream but he taught me to dream the impossible dream but he taught me how to live it. It has been great knowing him for the past 42 years and I am looking forward to many more. Thank-you Mr. T.

Bob Law - Former Instructor 

  But understand this to understand Glenn: The magic of Glenn Turner is not network marketing or money — the magic of Glenn Turner is attitude — the control of his mind. 

  Glenn Turner was and is a master storyteller. Spell binding may be a better way to explain it. And his best stories are the ones he tells about himself. The ones contained in this book. The ones you are about to enjoy.

  I first became aware of Glenn Turner in the winter of 1971 from an audio tape someone played for me. At the time I was lost within the executive management structure of a huge corporate conglomerate in Nashville, Tennessee. I'd always known that if I was ever going to do anything with my life I would have to get out of the semi-secure corporate world and do something on my own. Here was a man that I had not met who on an audio tape was convincing me, not only that I needed to make the move but that now was the time. It was as if he had made the tape just for me.


  I bought a distributorship in the Turner Organization for $5,000, which gave me the right to sell motivation programs and attend the personal development and sales schools. That experience was one of the great turning points in my life. I had the opportunity to learn for a man who exuded both integrity and charisma, unlike the boardroom dwelling lemmings I had met in the corporate world. Not only did Glenn Turner have a tremendous positive impact on my life, which in part may be responsible for what I'm doing today, but he had that same positive impact on thousands of others, some of which I have personally watched over the years.


  In another regard, Glenn Turner also established multi-level or network marketing as the most powerful marketing method ever created. His marketing organization was brash and shouted loudly, but most important, the personal development products and programs delivered on their promises.


  Glenn Turner became a hero to the hundreds of thousands associated with him. Unfortunately the American media, then as now, hates a hero and as a result much of his image revised by the media over later years had nothing to do with reality or effect.



You may know some of the below testimonies by their names, books or organizations.

Irvin Wallingford

Jim R.

    I hope that this mail finds you doing very well, and I do pray that life has treated you in the highest of esteem. I am one of your students from the early 70s, coming into life with a very similar background as yourself, would have never made the achievements in life that I have enjoyed had it not been for you, not only telling me I can, but also showing me how to be great!! I left Rockwell Int. three years ago, after 25 years (my last year I had over $86 Million in personal sales), to help start another company, now I am getting ready to take on another venture after the first of the year in the technology field, of which I know nothing about, all of this would not have never happened had it not been for your influence in my life. “THANK YOU, FOR MY SUCCESS”!! 

  As an originator, you pay a price for blazing a trail. Network marketing is a household concept today, but back in the 70’s it had the same stigma as “franchising” did back then — network marketing was known as “pyramiding.” And the strong arm of the law was reaching out to hammer Turner at every turn. 

Toni A.

  “Glenn Turner was my attitude mentor, sales hero, guru, and champion all in one. In 1972 through his tapes, movies and books, Glenn Turner taught me how to sell, and the principles of achieving and maintaining a positive mental attitude. Yes there were others (Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Bill Gove, J. Douglas Edwards to name a few), but none like Glenn W. Turner.”

   Thanks for the vision Glenn, in 1971 I had served four years in the United States Air Force, was 22 years old with no real direction, a new Christian, a newlywed, and high school dropout. I attended several Dare To Be Great meetings in Lexington, Kentucky, listened to your tapes, and met you in person in Lexington, Kentucky, listened to your tapes, and met you in Louisville during the summer of 1971. I did not stay in Dare To Be Great, instead I returned to the work force, and shortly thereafter, back into the Air Force. But my exposure to Dare To Be Great taught me to e positive and not let the obstacles of life become bigger than my dreams. As a result I spent the next five years going to night school so I could leave the enlisted ranks and become an officer in the Air Force. In August of 1978 I achieved that goal. A high school dropout, not only got his degree but received it with honors, and received a commission, for me I crossed the hurdle of mediocrity. It was greatness to me! I went on to make Major Below The Zone (BTZ) and become an Air Force Commander, a position reserved for the top one percent of Air Force Officers. Again, it was greatness for me! Glenn I always give God credit for all the great things in my life. But I thank him for allowing our paths to cross and for what you taught me and thousands of other young men about greatness. I am glad I have this opportunity to say thanks and to offer any encouragement to you as you continue in your works to challenge you men to greatness.

Jeffrey Gitomer:

David R.

Charles J. Givens.

  Turner’s advice to the people who follow him are: “Aching to make it on your own in the world? Want to quit your job and go out to grasp the brass ring of the entrepreneurial dream? Here’s the advice I’ve given thousands of people who started with me and made it big – If I can, you can. As soon as you control your mind, you control your success — and don’t take my word for it — ask any millionaire.” 

  You have all heard the expression, “read between the lines.” This book demands more. As you read the story about the triumphs and defeats of the great Glenn W. Turner, I challenge you to “think between the lines,” and “understand between the lines.” This will allow you to receive the maximum benefit and transferability of the stories.

  This is a story about life and achievement that you can use as a model of thought. A model of hard work and determination. A model of success. And most important, a model of positive attitude. Go, Go, Go.

Ellen Marlena Graham

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  “I had never met him — only heard his tapes and watched his movies — until April 1995. Twenty-three years after I took his first lessons — I stood in front of the attitude icon. Rather than gush complements and humble thanks, I immediately recalled one of his most well known stories and said as I faced him, “OK Santa, if that’s the way you wanna play.” He immediately knew I knew. He hugged me like a long lost brother. What a rush." 

  How did he do it? By having a great idea, and believing in himself. He thought he could. Turner created a company, developed a self-belief system that could not be penetrated, and then taught others what he knew to be true through the medium of network marketing. 

  Glenn Turner, my friend of 30 years, is a continuing source of inspiration and wonderment. He never gives up and refuses to recognize defeat. A charisma and aura about his presence makes everyone he encounters feel better. Even greater that his speaking excellence is his expanded capacity for listening. I am honored to know Glenn and have him for my friend.

  I was first introduced to Mr. Turner during the 70’s and the Dare To Be Great and Koscot days.  I did not join any of Mr. Turners companies then – I guess I had to marinate for awhile.   During the 80’s I was invited to an event by one of my students who thought I had a good attitude (I was just young and cocky).  My wife and I took advantage of the classes that were offered and we started applying the principles in our lives.  I found out that I didn’t really have a positive attitude and I had a lot to work on.

  We repeated the classes lots of times and our lives changed for the better. I developed a truly positive outlook and became a student of life.  I studied and read all the positive material I could get, and eventually became an instructor for Mr. Turner in a company called “The Mind Spa”. I now had the awesome responsibility of helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

  Since then, I have had many challenges in my life.  I look back and say “Wow, I came through that?”  If it had not been for the classes I learned from and taught, those challenges would have put me into a sad state of affairs.  But, I applied what I learned, found a direction to go in, and have made a success of my life.  Sure I still have challenges, but I handle them differently.  I have a wonderful wife and family that keep me young and happy.  If it had not been for the classes I took, my life would not be happy now.  I thank Mr. Turner for the vision he had and the courage to follow them  through.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t find myself saying “Thank you Mr. Turner!”

  Glenn W. Turner is one of the great positive spirits of our era. In the best of times and in the worst of times. Glenn Turner always has radiated his leadership in motivating others to achieve success in their lives.

  “The answer to the question was — and still is — take control of your mind, and take control of your destiny. Two simple, yet powerful, commandments.” 

GWT 75 years young.

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