Attitude Control

An attitude is an emotionally-toned idea or group of ideas. Attitudes usually have a direct bearing on behavior. An attitude, by its dictionary definition, should obviously indicate a readiness to act in a certain direction if circumstances should permit. This readiness to act is created by the pressure of a certain situation. Eventually we can always refer an attitude to some definable, observable behavior.

Time Management

Do you know how and where you are spending your time? Would you like to have better control of your time? What are some of the under lying factors that prevent you from being able to manage your time? Find out what they are and how to change them.

Step One and Step Two are done as one step, that covers 2 days.


Do you ever feel no one listens to you? Do you ever feel no one understands what you said? Do you find yourself not relating to family members? How about co-workers? How about strangers? You will learn a number of these keys in Step Two. Improve these skills for yourself and your family members.


Motivation! A relatively simple word, yet one that is very often misused and misunderstood. Are you motivated? How? By what? Toward what? All these questions must be answered before the term motivated or motivational can be used. So often this term is misappropriated in place of external manifestations related to, perhaps, something entirely different. 


There is no substitute for planning! The practice of “planning your work and then working your plan” is a proven theorem of action. Many people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their lives. Know your goal-target, plan each stage of your journey before you begin and your reward will be continual progress and the satisfaction and elation of achievement. Goals should be committed to the end result without looking back. Farmers know that they cannot “put their hand to the plow and look back” and plow a straight furrow. High wire performers know the only way to successfully complete their hazardous walk on the thin life-line of their profession is to keep their eyes on their destination and not look back.

Step Two

Emotional Control

How is in control of your emotions? Or are you victim to everyone who crosses your path? Are you allowing your emotions to control you? Would you like to learn how to control your emotions? You can now learn how to do this in Step Two.

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