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Responsibility is your ability to respond with your abilities. We all came into this world with the same basic abilities. How we develop them is up to us. Yet few people perform up to their abilities Step Three will help you to increase you abilities and how to use them better. 

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Power of the Mind

Would you like the mental power to discard negative mental thoughts, feelings and emotions? Are you responding to the best of your abilities? Do your abilities need improvement. Do you relate to others honestly. If you don’t do you know why? Learn the power you have in your mind and how to use it for a successful and happy life. These are just a few things you learn in Step Three. Don’t wait plan now to attend the next Step Three.


Some of the greatest satisfactions in life, if not the most rewarding ones, are becoming what you wish to be, achieving what you desire and accumulating what you want to have. What kind of person do you really want to be? Are you this kind of a person at this moment? Is your total life spectrum a meaningful one? What do you dream of in the inner recesses of your mind? Are you turning you dream to reality, to a real life happening? Take “five” and run through these questions again and again in your mind. Your were born with dynamic abilities. Your can achieve and succeed if your believe and dare? Make up your mind now! This is your moment ot take flight. Where you land, whether it be in history books or on the unexplored planet of your dreams, is completely up to you. Don’t wait for “circumstances” or opportunity.” Make your own! If you do not, you will probably still be waiting five years from now…  Begin with purpose! Determine your objective and move forward with an organized plan to achieve it. The drifting current of all rivers has built-in power, but only when that power is controlled and channeled does it become creative and productive! Do you have any idea what your purpose is? Don’t feel bad a lot of people don’t have a clue. Step Three will help you to find your purpose. If you already know what it is, Step Three will help you to understand how to achieve it


Desire is only a `day-dream’ . . . unless it is acted upon. It is accepted without elaboration that there are basic needs inculcated in every creature — the need to survive and numerous other physical needs. There are mental desires such as the longing for love, for approval, for recognition, for acceptance. However, no matter how strong the desire, this desire alone will not bring results. Desire is of no tangible value until it is expressed in action. We can experience the physical need of hunger causing us to have such an intense desire for food that we feel we are on the point of perishing unless we get something to eat. But just having the desire for food, or even expressing it verbally, will not keep us from starving. We must transfer this desire into action. Only then can we enjoy the pleasing sensation of a sated appetite

Step Three


We all have faith but what we believe can make or break us. Ask yourself how are you using yours. Do you have faith in failure or success? Do you have faith in sickness or wellness? Do you have faith in lack or abundance? Not sure just look at your results. No happy with them taking Step Three could help you to change your results.

Human Relations

“No man is an island entire of itself,” wrote John Donne, the famed philosopher and Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. “Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main, …any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never seen to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”  We were not meant to stand alone, nor live and die unto ourselves. Every man is “involved in Mankind.” The world is make up of people needing other people. Our greatest happiness comes from our relationship with our Creator and with our fellow man. Your are participating in a venture to Success because of a desire to improve your day-to-day relationships with your fellow man. You want to be liked. The joy of being accepted and appreciated by others is an important skill to be mastered. Step Three will teach you how to master this skill and how to use it.

Qualities of a Leader

Historically, a leader has been that person who is able to capture the imagination of the people: or the strongest physical member of the group; even the firs-born son or daughter of the residing leader. And again, the definition will apply, in part, to defining leadership. Contemporary concepts of leadership encompass a multitude of personality characteristics and support a doctrine wherein application of those characteristics determines the level of leadership attained. To illustrate, consider the following list of characteristics as pertains to the aspirant of a national political office: knowledgeable, decisive, confident, courageous, and articulate. The individual in question has obviously perfected certain characteristics that will inspire a particular type of group member to follow his lead. By definition he is knowledgeable of the issues, and his decisive nature enables them to take a position in a bold and direct manner. His self-confidence conveys and atmosphere of reassurance to his following while he captures the imagination with a courageous style. The fifth attribute, that of articulation, provides a leader not only the ability to verbalize his position in meaningful terms, but empowers him to convey praise to his following in a convincing manner. 


A true belief in one’s self, the need for a crutch, an amulet of success is necessary. True self-actualizing behavior relies only on the ego structure of the personality. The ego center generates from past experiences and beliefs, continuous goals and action. The conditioning of your response is predetermined by your experiences. How you react to present responses and by what method you choose to pursue your goals depends to a large degree on your prior reactions. But the future doesn’t necessarily depend on it. To a certain extent, the future is a result of the past. But to a much larger degree, it is dependent on what you do today. Like a builder laying bricks, what you do everyday constructs the future and your eventual success. The question, “How do you want it, short and sweet or fast and hard?”, refers to life. Many people would rather play it close to the board, never risking, never really gaining anything. You are the master of yourself. You decide how the game will be played. If security is all you want, it is all that you’ll get. If food and drink is all that you want, it will be all that you get. Whatever you want, you shall have. Want, need, desire — they are all similar in meaning, but in essence they comprise the total structure of the motivational process. You must want it, you must desire it, you must need it before you will ever do anything about getting it. What steps do you need to take to build that belief in yourself? Step Three will work with you challenging you where you may have never been challenged before. Helping you to build that mental mountain then helping you to climb it.

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness