Mr. Turner has the ability to touch and motivate almost everyone who has heard him speak. He has the unique ability to bring out the best in everyone. Getting them to “Better their Best”.  Inquire about booking him as your keynote speaker at your next convention.

“Glenn Turner, my friend of ten years, is a continuing source of inspiration and wonderment. He never gives up or refuses to recognize defeat. A charisma and aura about his presence makes everyone he encounters feel better. Even greater than his speaking excellence is his expanded capacity for listening. I am honored to know Glenn and to have him for my friend.”
E. T. V., L.P.T., M.P.H. Vogel Ent., NC 

“The seminar not only made me focus on ways to improve the quality of my life, but brought me into contact with people who truly love all others and believe in them, positively. These were things that I was not finding in my life at home. I have stuck with the courses and can truly say, that even though nothing about me has really, changed, except my outlook, I have really been getting better opportunities AND a better income”!!   
Cheri L., Altamonte Springs

Mr. Turner Speaker & Motivator

 Mr. Turner will work with you one on one to help you attain your personal goals. He will coach you and guide you to be the best you can be, because, he knows you too can reach the stars. For available days and times please email Please note there are limited times available. You will be considered on first come first served basis. 

Here are just a few places Mr. Turner has spoken:

  • Jaycees International Conventions in Barcelona and Singapore
  • Harvard School of Business Law
  • Notre Dame’s Business and Marketing Class
  • The Opportunity School in Columbia, S.C.
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Bacone Indian College Muskogee, OK
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Allen University, S.C.
  • Named “American of the Year” by the Lions International district 35-R
  • NAPUS Postmaster Boston Convention, 1993 
  • Onesimus Community Center Against Substance Abuse
  • “The Turning Point” The Job Store in Sanford,FL
  • Numerous schools and collages encouraging the youth to excel in all they do.

More than 1,000 millionaires have come from his different companies, over the years, many others have found success in reaching their dreams as well. This success can be yours with the right keys. No matter what your goals may be you can achieve what you believe!

It is a fact, that Glenn Turner has helped thousands of people in the world.  It is through his success and because of his great knowledge of people, business, and motivation that we believe he will be able to help you as well!

John Frasca wrote a book called, “GWT Changed the World for me.” The book compiled and edited by Mr. Frasca is comprised of over 70 different people and their testimonies of how Mr. Turner changed their lives. This is only a very small number of the people, I have met over the years, who’s lives where changed by Mr. Turner. In our files we have numerous other notes, letters, audio and video films, and e-mails we have received from hundreds of people.

Mr. Turner has the ability to gear his speeches to fit your company or your organizations needs. He can also offer motivational aids, like, audio tapes, video tapes, and books to help enforce what he is teaching. 

 Mr. Turner has addressed up to 50,000 people at one time.  He motivated his own personnel into becoming  great leaders in 78 different corporations, at one time.

” After initiating paperwork to get a divorce, I had time to relax and one day I remembered what I had heard in a seminar many years before: “If what you are doing is not getting you where you ought to be, you need to change what you’re doing”! There were 2 really good changes I could make. 1. – Go back to Church and 2. – Get back involved with the Steps to Greatness. That day, I dug out my old briefcase, (from my more successful days,) found the phone number for STGI, Inc. I called and was told the next seminar was in Southern Georgia.  That was too far for my car to take a chance on driving, so they said they would let me know when & where the next one would be. That Sunday I went back to church, and within just a couple of weeks I received a check in my mailbox from the IRS (!!) for a few thousand dollars. The following day I got a call. I found out there would be a seminar just a few hours from my home. Needless to say, I WENT”. 

 “In the spring of ’94 I had given up on life. I felt that there really was no reason for my taking up space that someone more worthwhile could use. There was a really good place on a hillside road where my car could very easily go out of control and not be found for a very long time. My kids were self sufficient and had enough good things in their lives that I felt they wouldn’t really miss me very long. The only hold up was that I was not yet divorced, even though I had gotten him to leave nearly 3 yrs before. In Kentucky, 1/2 my estate would have gone to him and would have been tied up in escrow until he was found, at least. So I had to wait.”

What people have to say about  Mr. Turner,  and how his programs have changed some of their lives: 

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness