Positive Thinking, Exercise & Diet   

by Hans J. Kugler, PhD and Susan Smith Jones, PhD

 Hans J. Kugler, PhD and Susan Smith Jones, PhD (Dr. Hans J. Kugler is a Bachelor of Science and PhD. He has also been President of the International Academy of Holistic Health and Medicine and noted especially as author of the best selling book, 7 Keys To a Longer Life. Susan Smith Jones has a Ph.D. and a Naturopathic Physician degree. She has been an instructor for UCLA Health Courses, and author of “The Main Ingredients: Positive Thinking, Exercise, and Diet.”)

Titles to CD’s with description of information in each:   

(1) DETERIORATION THROUGH THE TIMES (A good attitude and motivation will literally guarantee you success in every new enterprise. The use of sugar spread like a disease. The first true connections nutrition and disease. What is the food industries disaster?)

(2) EXERCISE FOR LIFE (Everybody needs to exercise. There is no better time than the present to start. The three basic types of exercises that should be blended together for a total fitness program. Exercise not only strengthens muscles but bones, lungs, heart, and mind.)

(3) STRESS OR DISTRESS (Stress is a fact of life. What can distress do to you? How can you evaluate your own distress-situation? A five-point stress-minimizing program. Techniques for relaxation!!!!)

(4) ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION (A major obstacle in increasing human lifespan. A major factor in the onset of disease. Asbestos fibers what do they do? Agricultural chemicals do they pose a threat to our health? Where does airborne pollution come from?)

(5) DRUGS, PRESCRIPTION (LEGAL – ILLEGAL) (How do the fit into our approach towards better health and disease-prevention? What is the actual extent of the drug problem? Are antibiotics another group of over – and – misused drugs? How about tranquilizers?) 

(6) GERONTOLOGY AND YOU (The “Death Hormone” and Limited Cell Replication Theory” of Aging. The Cross-Link Theory. The Collagen Theory. The DNA-Theory. The Free Radical Theory on Aging. The Stress Theory of Aging. The Diffusion Theory of Aging.)

(7) ALTERNATE METHODS OF ACHIEVING HEALTH (What are Acupuncture and Acupressure? The changing view of the Chiropractic art. What is naturopathic medicine? Who can Homeopathic and Osteopathy be viewed today? What is rolfing?)

(8) ABOUT ALCOHOL (How does alcohol measure with calories and human nutrition? Will excessive use of alcohol cause premature aging? What does the scientific literature say about alcohol? Why do people turn to excessive alcohol use?)

(9) UNNECESSARY RISKS (Are you unnecessarily risking hypoglycemia, diabetes, and depression? Life or death depends on maintaining homeostasis. Blood sugar and diet. Understanding sugar Metabolism. The “Either – Or” myth of medicine and sugar.)

(10) AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CHEMISTRY OF FOODS (A mini-introduction to chemistry. What is in organic chemistry? What is organic chemistry? What is biochemistry? What is the fate of foods in our body? What are the human requirements for the various foodstuffs?)

(11) A CASE FOR PURE AND ORGANICALLY GROWN FOODS (The choice must be yours. Other, more stringiest views on pesticides safety.. How are “safe limits,” or “tolerance levels” established? How effective are the government laboratory testing techniques?)

(12) COMPUTERS DO IT WITH MORE PRECISION (Are you a true go-getter, someone who makes his own luck, someone who is willing to make an effort, someone who doesn’t just sit around complaining waiting for the world to bring every thing to him or her?)     

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