​When I was a lad, 
I used to walk with my dad.
My, oh my, it is sad.
His friends told him I’d never be.

But dad, in wise ways, said,
What is said is not so.
Go out in the world, my son.
You can make a go.

I’ve climbed the mountain high,
in my plane.
I touched the face of God,
in the great big sky.
I’ve met kings, queens and Godly men,
I’ve helped poor and change the rich,
to help others as they passed through,
so many things, I’ve done.

God has given me health and wealth,
in the form of a wife and little ones.
The very best under this sun,
barring everyone’s.

Today, I walk with my son,
what I heard then,​

​I heard again,
So I told my son.

Written 4-22-1989

I have seen a different world,
most have never seen.
A world of tears and fears,
where there’s very little cheer. 

Lonely nights and sad days,
where mosr re-learn to pray.
Cries from the young,
fight from the old.

Where only the strong,
and sometimes the smart,
are left to be,
from evils of men’s deeds.

Where a star at night,
can only be seen,
through the bars of eternity,
as one longs to be FREE.

Where one learns to laugh or die,
and just to keep sane,
they call out the name,
once taken in vain
God, God, Oh My God.

Written  6-19-91

​“When troubled times come, and they surely will,
don’t lose courage!

Be ever mindful that something great
comes out of every misfortune.

Never forget that after the darkness comes the light!
In your graves hour, know that this to shall pass.

Believe in yourself, trust in God, open your mind
and accept that anything is possible
as long as you posess the daring to dream it!

You can reach for the stars
and be all that you desire to be.

The power of life is within you;
find it, and you shall find yourself…”

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