Ed Granger wrote: I have never heard Mr. Glenn W. Turner say anything I did not agree with and I “Am Not“ “A Yes Man” to something anyone and everyone has to say! It just seems that when he speaks, “I LEARN “! I am Very Proud to have been a State Director for Mr. G.W.T.! And I say to him, Thank you!

Comment #2

Good day Mr. Turner,I am not sure if you will remember me. I was the March of Dimes Poster Child for the state of Florida back in the early to mid 70’s.”A child who needs a hand gets one when you give to the March Of Dimes” Well I could have but decided to turn it down and buy am I glad I didn’t. It built a lot of my character. I came across an article about a castle being built in France completely by mid- evil time ways. It made me think of the castle you built for your wife way back in the woods on a lake. I thought I would just try to see what you are up to these days and found your web site. I am glad your doing well and I was very impressed with your run back in 2009 with the zoomie, I think it was called. I still have all my pictures and the Koscot publications from the past. I would welcome the opportunity to catch up someday when you have the time. I live in OakRidge NJ with two beautiful daughters (who by the way are without handicap)and a beautiful husband whom I’ve been with for 25 yrs. I wish you the best of luck.Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Sincerely, “Gigi Dauphin” R.  

Comment #2

Saul Galindo wrote: I am also proud to have been a state director for Feelin Great and wish to thank everyone.

The Village of Anything is Possible

The real story behind “The Village Anything is Possible” it was written by Max Stitts and given to me. The following video tells the story: 

From my heart!!  

I was looking at an old magazine, we had back in 1972 when one of my companies was being attacked daily. After many years it appeared in the New York Times that I was number 4 on one of Nixon’s hit list. It was called the Creep committee “The Committee to Re-Elect the President..” Because I didn’t pay the over $200,000 they demanded my companies were open game for the government and all the attorney generals. While going through all of these tribulations and numerous attacks in the press I put the following letter to our many distributors.

This is a part  of the Free Course we offer here on my website.

God Bless You-


Posted 3/5/2011

Comment #3

wmkgreehey wrote: you made a diffence in my life and just want to thank you god bless you

 Almost 40 years later and at 75 years old I still believe and share the Dare To Be Great Philosophy. Many of our past members have gone on to many accomplishments as we hear from many of you on FB and in the emails you send us. Financially we have over 1,000 millionaires that came through our companies, they are still Daring To Be Great. Many children whose parents went through the courses tell us, the strength they gained to face life came from the DTBG classes. We have a young lady who is blind teaching them to women in prison, with amazing results. We have a young man who changed his life, now helping others to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. Many didn’t measure their accomplishments by the scale of finances, but by the power to over come and keep on keeping on.

We still make these courses available if you are interested please send us and email from my site.

Posted 2/4/2010

Summer is over time to get back to work.

   I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. Ours was spent enjoying our grandchildren. Time passes quickly as they develop their own personalities it won’t belong and they will prefer spending time with their friends. It seems only yesterday when my own children were the size of our grandchildren.I had a wonderful 75th birthday.

    NancyAnn with the help of Rosetta and many others, gave me a wonderful party. I am estimating that there were around 250 in attendance. One of my gifts was a band, and we enjoyed them along with an number of talented singers that were at the party. Many friends and relatives attended. It was a wonderful day.We are working on some new projects. One of them is a documentary, another is a webinar and we are also editing never heard before audios. You will be able to listen to some podcasts on this project in the near future.
Posted 9/15/2009

Mental Power

A number of years ago I did a series called Total LifePower. In that series I point out the 5 Life Powers that I believe everyone needs. Mental Power was one of these powers.

The following is part of the Mental Power Videos I did. 

Times of Our Lives  

In todays world we see problems that never exist when we were young, if they did the whole world didn’t know about them. As a family we have seen family members fall to the many addictions that seem to be available in our world.Over the years we have seen many of our students heal from these additions through our Dare to Be Great courses. The reason for their changes were in their support system, learning to love themselves and making their minds over.The pain created by addiction affects everyone in the addicts life. It is so important that as a family they all heal together, since the disease affects everyone, espically family members. Sometime because of the depth of the disease many caught in the cycle are really unaware of what has happened. Like most things it starts with small things, but these things increase with time. Should you find yourself questioning why you react better to pain or deadening pain, than to love and kindness you may already be trapped. Take the steps today to heal yourself because only you can heal yourself.

May God Bless You,


Posted 5/15/2010


Gabbysmom wrote:

The one thing Mr. Turner didn’t mention is that he recieves emails and calls from numerous law students, many can’t figure out what all the law suits were about. His suits are studied more then anyone elses. His law suits made the foundation for todays MLM companies. He paid over $16,000,000 in attorney’s fees.

GWT believed the rules we were taught in school were correct, he didn’t know in the business world that everything he was taught in school didn’t apply. Even F. Lee Bailey told GWT he was to real. What the accusers blamed GWT of was a mirror of what they were, because they would lie, cheat and steal they expected that of him. Little did they understand the man who was truly honest. He quickly became their punching bag as they dragged him from court to court.

Comment #2

Jim Sanford wrote: Glenn,

Long time my friend. I want you to know that you are the reason for my success. We go back a long time. Thanks- Jim

 I hope you enjoyed the real story. You may have heard it told by numerous people, many taking credit for it but the real truth is Max is the one who wrote it, and he deserves full create for his work.

We love you Max.

God Bless You, GWT

Posted 3/4/2011


Steve L. wrote:

My life couldn’t have been better over the past 42 years (I met Mr. Turner in 1968). I listened to that harelipped guy jumping around on the stage at the Beverly Hilton and for some unknown reason it made sense to me. What I learned from that, the courses I got from Mr. Turner, and the friendship and advice he has personally given me have molded me into someone who, at 62 years old, wakes up every morning and say…

”Thanks, God, for giving me another day with my friends and family. What can I do, with your help, to kick some butt today? Who can we help?”

Thank you Mr Turner

…I couldn’t imagine what my life would have been if not for you.Steve L. Costa Rica /California

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The following clip is me telling you the story the way it was given to me by Max Stitts. Any other version is a knock off & not authorized by Max.

Glenn Shares many Golden Nuggets of Wisdom in this Radio Interview:

Greg and Patti interview Glenn W. Turner on their Home based business radio show. Glenn shared so many great golden nuggets for succeeding no matter what Life throws at you.

Posted by Glenn W Turner on 8/31/2010                                                                    ​Sound bite to soon be added

 “As you all know from the press coverage in the past few months our companies are being hit left and right. This is the year of a major election, and many politicians are trying to ride to fame on the shoulders of Glenn W.Turner and his people. If I wanted to I could step away from all of this trouble. I’ve made enough money now that I don’t have to fight them if I don’t want to. If ever one of my companies went broke tomorrow, I wouldn’t have to worry about myself personally. But I don’t want to do this because I care about all the people who believe in me. That’s why I’m not going to give up and stop fighting. I am going to fight forever for you. That’s why if the government closed up everyone of my 70 companies tomorrow I would go out and start 70 more, so I could make a place for you. I’m not a crook as I’ve been accused of being. I’m not a genius as some of the people have said; I’m not a saint and I’m not a con man. I just live, sleep and eat the Dare To Be Great philosophy, and this is all I am ….a Dare To Be Greater. I believe in what I am doing and I believe in YOU. This is America….and I’d like to see it run by more people who believe in the Constitution and the rights of others. Then anyone…the truck driver, the dishwasher, the farmer and the mechanic will be encouraged to be somebody and to have something more. We’ve worked long and hard with our attorneys to conform to the letter of the law. I’ve changed my system five times in the last five years, so it would be completely legal and aboveboard. I’ll always be willing to change and adapt if they prove that I am doing something wrong. We want to do what is right and legal. Some of the decisions were wrong we felt, and we are appealing them. But while we appeal, we are still changing to conform to those decisions. Most of the decisions were favorable. One judge recently ruled that Dare To Be Great was a worthwhile endeavor and of benefit to mankind, but you probably didn’t read about that in one paper. You only hear about the bad ones, because they are the only ones that are newsworthy. A company can Be broken by being hit by a lot of bad publicity. If this was an ordinary company we would have gone down the drain three or four years ago. We probably had more bad publicity than any other company in history. But our people live the Dare To Be Great Philosophy. The are so strong in their belief that they can take it all and not panic. We are creating a new race in Glenn W. Turner Enterprises…”The Super Salesman,” and before these people are going to sell the world our philosophy. The will sell the world on not giving up its hard earned rights, on not giving up on free enterprise. I want to tell the average American business man that Glenn Turner and his Super Salesmen are fighting his battles alone now. But he’ better wake up and join forces with us and help us fight if he wants to accomplish his goals for success.. But whether he joins us or not, I’ll keep on keeping on, and so will my people.There is one thing the world can be sure of. And that is that we will NEVER…. EVER….give up.”

I hope this touches you as well. The DVD is found on our website use the catalog link and it is under DVD’s.

God Bless You,


Posted 4/20/2011

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!  

We are not puppetson a string – we are individuals. This is still America, Land of Opportunity – the Greatest Nation in the World. This is a country where a man can still reach the stars if he is willing to stand on his toes just a little bit.

    Special Prayer, “Heavenly Father, May I ask you bless us. We ask that you have a special Blessing on all the people of the world who are handicapped in mind by thinking they are hopeless and defeated. If we only accomplish one thing God, and that is to leave our children with a better outlook on life and the ability to get off their knees once they have dropped. Thus we’ll leave this place a better world, may I askthis in the name of your Son, Jesus, Amen.”May you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Plan to start the New Year by attending our “Dare to Be Great” seminar on December 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. Bring in the New Year with my wife and myself after this great event.

God Bless You,


Posted 11/23/2010

I Challenge You

I challenge you to take back our mind, to become the person you were meant to be.

To make up your mind that you are going to be from this day forward – that you are going to be a better husband, a better wife, a better man for your community, your state, your clubs, your nation and the world, and do not judge other people on sight alone.You have to make up your mind to things are not as bad as they seem — there is always somebody worse off than you — so you have to make up your mind to go after it.I want everyone to be as happy as I am, that doesn’t mean money — that means happy doing their thing — because happiness is when you’re satisfied doing your thing.

Posted 6/23/2010

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Challenge to America

This is a portion of a video we did years ago. We have sold over 3 Million copies of  Audios, Videos and films of this video. We have had thousands of testimonies of numerous lives of people who were changed by watching it. Jeffrey Gitomer watched it over 250 times, it was the foundation that made him number one in his field today. He is just one of many.

Enjoy the brief video:

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness