Homecoming Testimonies

   When I was introduced to the company, I was a non believer in Jesus Christ.  I am now a born again Christian.  My attitude, hatefulness and bitterness was so bad my wife was going to divorce me.  Now since the self improvement courses, I am happy, my family is happy and more importantly we now are able to communicate.  This philosophy has helped me to enhance my life It has helped me to triple the size of my business in only eight months.  There are many more things I could talk about but I will sum it up with this: We love you, Mr. Turner!  

Joe Bonadio raised in a tough guy world, how Dare To Be Great and Koscot changed his life forever. Reflecting on his prior lifestyle he feels, he would not be alive today; had he not made the changes. Joe should have been a comedian enjoy his one liners and wit. He also was one of the stories in GWT Changed the World for me by John Frasca. Joey has since passed to his reward. We miss you, buddy.

  A student of the GWT's philosophy. Who has dared to stand on his toes and touch the stars. He has become an author, leader, trainer. He has been a great friend to Mr. Turner

  Vernon Mullins learned to change his heart from hate to love in doing so he changed his life and world. His uncle introduced him to the Dare to Be Great philosophy. Vernon has since passed on to his reward, deeply missed by family and friends.

Testimonies given in March of 1992 at Mr. Turner's Homecoming.

Mr. Turner talking about Ed Rector at the Homecoming:

  Larry Sturchio one of Mr. Turners top leaders. That has made a very successful life for himself by following the Dare to Be Great philosophy. Since this video Larry has done very well. He is in real estate and has a number of other businesses.

  View what Moon Mullins has to say how the courses changed his life and the life of his son, who made a stand against a boss trying to get him to deal in drugs. He had over 70 stitches when he was thrown threw a plate glass window for making a stand against drugs.  

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