Glenn W. Turner is an updated version of Con Man or Saint. They are just a couple of additions that were not in the original book. This book was written by John Frasca. 

This is the TRUE STORY of Glenn W. Turner, a harelip sharecropper - an eight grade drop-out - who borrowed $5,000 to open his own business in August of 1967 (at age 33) and by August 1969 had turned that $5,000 into One Hundred Million Dollars!

But this is more than a story of financial success.

Pulitzer Prize Winner John Frasca has written an in-depth study of Mr. Turner, the child of poverty who seemed destined to follow a plow all of his life on the tobacco farm that earned his father less than $500 a year.

For Glenn, every day of childhood held torment. Harelip and poverty seemed insurmountable odds.

But he was determined to pull himself out of the poverty, even if he could not escape his physical handicap.

He choose the most difficult route for a harelip -  salemanship, where the spoken word is the only tool.

In these pages, John Frasca has recorded the successes and failures of Glenn Turner:

  • Success selling sewing machines
  • Failure (three times) trying to start his own sewing machine company
  • Success in the furniture business
  • Failure in the furniture business
  • And SUCCESS with the company he formed in 1967 - and with twenty-seven corporations he now owns (note later Mr. Turner owned up to 72 corporations.

Intertwined with the story of failure, struggle and success, are the stories of the people who influenced Glenn's life - the Opportunity School Director who was instrumental in getting an operation on his harelip (and teaching him the value of love); his wife, who bore his first son, then slowly died of Hodgkins disease; his mother and father, brothers, and sister; the second wife who believed in him and made him believe in himself: the college professor who became his first "disciple"; the people to whom he is a "saint" - and those to whom he is still a con man. 


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Glenn W. Turner

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness