Mr. Turner is personally in all these video’s with guests, like F. Lee Bailey. Just click on below title that interest you and you will be directed to an order page with more information. Both DVD's and downloads located on same page.

A Dream Come True

American of the Year

And Anything is Possible

A Not-So-Impossible Dream 

An Appeal To Greatness    

A Matter of Attitude

“Challenge to America” also known as “The Red Suit Film”   

Countdown to Greatness  

Dare To Be Great 

Glenn W. Turner the "Dare To Be Great Story"

A Golden Opportunity

Humor Can Make the Difference   

Portrait of a Leader

Total LifePower DVDs sold individually or as a package   

My Village Your World

Turner, Turner, Turner  

DVDs & Downloads on same page

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness