Glenn W. Turner shares with you his secrets to success. He tells you his thoughts about the true value of life and challenges you to think, “Million Dollar Thoughts About Your Life.” 

Dare to Be Great was the company where over 1,000 people who took the courses became Millionaires and a few Billionaires. Most of the Dare To Be Great family took what they learned and applied it to their lives, their families, jobs and businesses. This was a time when the main stream media didn’t talk about the things you hear and see in today’s world. 

So many new programs have come out since “Dare To Be Great,” yet you will see shadows of DBG in all of them. Many used the, “Go, Go, Go!!!” Others tell the same stories with a slightly different slant, some call their homes a castle.  

Here is a time over 50 years ago when principles of the Dare To Be Great. There are over 1,000 millionaires and a few billionaires that have contacted the Turner family over the years giving credit for what they learned in DBG for the credit of their fortunes. Many more credit these same principles for happier and fuller lives for themselves and their families. 
And we hear from more on a monthly basis. 

This was a phenomenon that reached 13 countries and a was headed to touch the world until Mr. Turner refused to pay the Committee to Re-Elect the President (noted in the findings at Watergate showed where Mr. Turner was 4th on this Creep committee listed) insisted on a cash payment of $200,000. Upon his refusal to do so because it was against the law to contribute over $ 1,000.00 his companies were attacked by the Nixon Government throughout the US. This article appeared in the New York Times. 

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Dare to Be Great

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