Set of 3 CDs or Audio cassettes tapes, along with the paperback book, “Con Man Or Saint?” by Pulitzer Prize winner John Frasca. These three tapes are narrated by Mr. Frasca.


As he interviews many of the people whose lives have been touched by GLENN W. TURNER. Mr. Frasca interviews many of Mr. Turners family, his Mother, his Father, brother Wayne, and brother Larry. He also interviews Alice Turner, Mr. Turners wife. A number of the executives that were in Mr. Turners companies like Hobart Wilder, Ben Bunning, and Terrall Jones. Listen as these individual share that time of their lives with you.


These men and women live a magical era, that many could only just dream of. This unique combination really offers a double insight to the story of the first part of Mr. Turners life. Each of these stories has been a stepping-stone to Mr. Turner’s success and happiness. One of these could be your story!!!!!  


Hear from many of these people how Mr. Turner and his philosophy touched their lives. Following this philosophy and taking the Dare To Be Great Seminars changed many lives. Dare To Be Great was the original mass motivational company. Since no organization has been able to touch lives long term as were those who took the Dare To Be Great Courses.


Mr. Turner hears from many of these families almost on a daily basis. Many have come back and taken the seminars again, bringing their children and their grandchildren.


Due to the nature of this product it is only sold in a CD and Book package.


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Con Man or Saint Comes Alive

Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness