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This is the soundtrack from the film recognized by many as one of the most DYNAMIC motivational and training speeches ever put into cassette form. It has been translated into many languages and heard by millions of people worldwide. This cassette is loaded with success keys and will truly inspire you and those around you!! 

You will be able to see and hear Mr. Turner, encourage everyone to take back their minds. Develop personal confidence and belief in themselves. Gain a greater and deeper understanding of themselves.

This film has changed and inspired thousands of lives. Over 800 Millionaires came from these teachings and this is only 800 who have contacted the Turner Family over the years. We still meet people almost on a weekly basis who have been touched by this philosophy, and many of those tell us how they have been touched. Many times it isn’t just monetarily, but how they wouldn’t take any money for the richness of their lives. How they were able to over come under the most adverse situations.  Many have told us they have full filled their lives dreams by setting their goals and believed they could.

This is the tape where Jeffrey Gitomer heard the “Santa Claus Story” that he quoted to Mr. Turner when he first met Mr. Turner in Texas for the first time in the 1990’s. The beginning of a long friendship. Jeffrey watched this film over 200 times, creating the total change in his personal life. Today Jeffrey is the top in his field of customer relations. Visit him at Jeffrey and Mr. Turner created a series of audio cassettes and a video called Network Marketing Mastery.

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