Better Your Best

Mr. Turner received special recognition from the recording industry for this speech have achieved GOLD ALBUM status in sales!!! Tens of thousands of people who own this cassette play it daily for inspiration in the right kind of competition: 

YOU COMPETE WITH YOURSELF to constantly do YOUR VERY BEST EVERY DAY. This timeless information as been an inspiration to thousands of people who have listened to this message, first presented in the form of a record (would you like a copy of the original record? See Collectors Album.), later in audio cassette and now in CD. 

As the monitor introduces Mr. Turner he wishes everyone could hear Mr. Turner speak. As you listen to this tape you will understand why he made such a statement. Mr. Turner makes you think about things you may never have thought about before. In his own special way he will make you feel as if he is speaking just to you. Mr. Turner has truly been blessed with a special gift that touches everyone who hears him speak. The message of individual value calls out today even more than when this was recorded. In a world where negativity and criticism seems to be a standard, Mr. Turner brings hope and encouragement to all who are willing to believe in themselves. 

I just want to let you know that your record, “You Can Better Your Best,” was a great inspiration to me. I stutter, and have felt insecure about that at times, but I would always listen to your record, and then when I recorded it on tape, the tape, when I needed a boost.” “Well, I am now a PBS film director and producer and just won a national Telly Award for my last film, and am currently producing some scripts I wrote. I have also move forward in the face of fear and taught one year at a university (creative writing at the University of Colorado in Boulder), and was a news reporter before getting into films full time.”   “Listening to your tape really inspired me…. ”  K. Darvich   12/97  

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Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness