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Glenn Turner of Orlando, Florida, and eighth grade dropout and son of a sharecropper, who overcame the handicap of a harelip to build a $150,000,000 business in the last three years, is being honored as this year’s “American of the Year.”

Mr. Turner is being honored not only for his own philanthropic donations but for the inspiration he instills in others to also help those less fortunate. Some of his donations include” $160,000 to Flame of Hope to help retarded workers, $50,000 to Dr. Wil Lour Gray’s Opportunity School in Columbia, S.C., $73,000 for the building of the Emily Jones Home for Retarded children in Lebanon, Ohio, $50,000 to Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, over 2.7 million in the past 3 years. Mr. Turner said, “My life’s ambition is to go down in history as the person who helped more poor people than any other!”

Mr. Turner speaking at the “American of the Year” Awards.

This film shows Lions International District 35-R presenting Mr. Turner with the “American of the Year” Award, along with presentations to Art Linkletter and David P. Reynolds (Reynolds Metals), for their humanitarian activities throughout America. Appearance by Burt Reynolds, Lou Rawls, and Margaret Whiting. [21.30 minutes]

DVD Product # 244
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Glenn W Turner | Steps To Greatness