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Forward from "All Things Are Possible"

Nothing Really Affected My Life Until... by Michael Penland

​In the backwoods of North Georgia, the summer heat scorches the flesh of many young men and boys as they day dream of better days and cooler weather.  In the summer of 1969 I sat on the front porch of my parents home listening to the lonesome whistle of a passing train as it pulled away from the station in the little North Georgia town where I had lived a lifetime of 18 years and finished high school just a few days earlier.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  For financial and other reasons college wasn’t a choice.  What I did know was I wanted more from life than a job in some carpet mill, or living on a farm like my grandfather who struggled in that hot Georgia sun just to keep his family eating and the bill collectors happy.

Nothing really affected my life until . . .

 .  . . one day in the summer of 1969 when my friend and I spotted an advertisement in the local newspaper.  The advertisement was for a free film showing at the local high school auditorium.  I went to the high school that warm evening with stars sparkling in the heavens and visions in my mind of a thrilling western… maybe the Lone Ranger.  All I knew was this:  the film was free, the auditorium was cool, and in the darkness of that auditorium I could become the star on the screen.

The man whose flamboyant style and motivating message touched my life became the most talked about, most read about, most wrote about young man in America.  He was the hare-lipped sharecropper from the tobacco fields of South Carolina who borrowed $5,000.00 and in just three years turned it into a worldwide business empire of 78 corporations in 13 countries worth over $300,000,000.00.  To thousands of average men and women he was a saint.  To other people, including government agencies, he was viewed as a con man.

To me he became a symbol of hope.  Coming from a childhood plagued by low self-esteem and emptiness, I believed his message of hope which proclaimed, “All things are possible, if you only believe.”

Nothing really affected my life until. . .

. . . Glenn W. Turner.  He became the “Unstoppable American” and the “World’s Greatest Motivator.”  Tens of thousands of people worldwide would proclaim, “GWT Changed The World For Me!”   But for me, the boy from the backwoods of North Georgia, Glenn W. Turner became a symbol of hope.

Through the years I would listen to the message he spoke and my hope would grow.  And with the hope came the success and riches his message promised.  I never worked for Glenn W. Turner, but his message worked for me.  And, in the new found hope and belief I nurtured, I knew he would one day be working with me.

More than 1,000 of his representatives became millionaires!  Tens of thousands experienced the joy of achievement and success in their life.  I personally achieved financial success, personal growth, and increasing happiness.  But, something was missing.  The dream of actually working with Glenn W. Turner became a lifelong goal. 
I had become a legendary marketer in the mail order business and in 1994 began Internet marketing.  I began hosting my now famous “Internet and Joint Venture Marketing Super Conferences” which have trained men and women from all across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and 11 other countries.  There was no longer low self-esteem in my life or emptiness.  I was successful and I was happy. 

Nothing really affected my life until. . .

…I made the telephone call to Glenn W. Turner and invited him to speak at one of my seminars.  My dream became a reality.  He was speaking at my seminar.  We were working together.  And, the people in the audience at my events loved it.
After his first appearance at the first seminar to which I invited Glenn, the audience gave him a 15 minute standing ovation.  The magic was still there, because the message had never changed.  At 76 years of age, the message was as powerful as ever, and the spark of hope was started in the hearts of another generation of men and women.

 After Glenn spoke to the audience at that first seminar to which I invited him, I pulled him aside, looked deep into his piercing blue eyes, smiled and said, “Glenn W. Turner, you’re still the best.  And, you know why?  Because ‘all things are possible, if you only believe.’”

Whatever Glenn W. Turner may prove to be to the world in general, or to you personally, he will always be to this kid from the backwoods of North Georgia, first and foremost, a friend.  I do not hesitate to say, “I love Glenn W. Turner.”  He has a heart bigger than he is.  He has compassion for his fellow man.  And, for me he had that life-changing message of hope.  A message which simply said, “All things are possible, if you only believe.”
When Glenn asked me to write my thoughts for his “All Things are Possible” book, I was honored and humbled by his request.  There was no way I could possibly say ‘No’ because…

Nothing really affected my life  until…
….Glenn W. Turner!

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All Things are Possible

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