Glenn W. Turner, is a true and patriotic man, he represents one of the greatest rags-to-riches-to-ruin-to-recovery-to- “back on top” stories of our time. He is the quintessential motivational speaker in our nation today. Mr. Turner’s message has been personally heard by more than 3,000,000 people!    

About Mr. Turner

  ​Mr. Turner was way ahead of his time with his teachings. The proof lies in the hundreds of thousands of lives that took what they were taught and lived it. There of course people, who gave up when the persecution of Mr. Turner and his companies began. Then there were those who lost site of these principles but always found their way back to them changing their lives as they did.​​


  "​For over 35 years I tried to improve myself by reading hundreds of motivational books. I would envy the people the books were written about but could never convince myself that I could ever be like any of those. There just wasn’t a chance for me to change."    

Even today peoples lives have been touched with these courses: 

​  In March of 1992 after Mr. Turner completed what he called his vacation, his closest friends and family met to welcome him home. The following individuals and Mr. Turner this will give you just a small view of how Mr. Turner changed entire families. But even more than that you can see Mr. Turner lived his philosophy and helped many men while he allowed time to serve him, and not serve time. Mr. Turner also tells you the real story of how Ed Rector maintained his integrity and honesty when others lied. Mr. Turner spent 4 years and 8 months with Ed Rector in an Arizona prison for one word in a contract in a company Mr. Rector owned. The government tried to get Mr. Rector to turn on Mr. Turner and say it was Mr. Turner’s company, he refused. Others choose the the easy way out and lied to support the governments allegations, that was their choice they have to live with that.​

  Approximately 1,000,000 people were distributors, salespeople and employees of Glenn W. Turner’s Koscot, Dare To Be Great! and an International conglomerate of companies. Since the early 1970’s, these individuals have expanded their respective circles of influence, the relative size of their families and the objectives of their business endeavors. 

  ​​Mr. Turner built an international business conglomerate of 78 corporations in 13 countries, Koscot, and Dare To Be Great are just two of the many corporations.   

  The vast majority of these people have positive memories and feelings regarding the time they spent with Mr. Turner, as well as a great curiosity to finally understand what happened to the “Unstoppable American”. Not only do they want to know what became of Glenn W. Turner…. but also what he intends to accomplish next!    

  "I attended every seminar that was available including Step 1 thru Step 4. I attended them several times and each time I made giant steps towards my self improvement. I read all the material and listened to the audio tapes provided by the company."  .

  ​"Still grasping at straws, I become involved with Mr. Glenn W. Turner and his “Steps to Greatness” program. It was wonderful to hear and see how these empowerment courses were changing people just like me. Though I seen myself in the cheering section for those that were experiencing all these great changes in their lives, I began to feel that I was changing also."   ​

To see the videos on the Homecoming click here.​

  ​​"But with all the above, seminars, and motivational material, I could not have made the improvement in my self concept without the benefit of being associated with the highly motivated, unselfish, caring, kind, and yes loving group of men and women that Mr. Turner surrounds himself with. These people lift you up and make you feel like you are somebody."  

  ​GWT offers a full line  of audio and video tapes, books and workbooks.  Mr. Turner loves to help people and companies to grow. If you have an interest in improving your life or business feel free to contact us for the available services.   

Due to the extensive amount of information; we have broken this down into the six items listed below. This is just an introductory page you will find more information listed below. Just click on the items to see more.

  There are many books published about Mr. Turner, as well as countless movie, video, and audio materials these are still in constant demand. Over a million books have been marketed and sold directly in rallies, seminars and classes taught by Glenn W. Turner and his associates.    

  ​“At the age of 60 I felt that I was a total loser. Even though I held some very important jobs and positions in my working career, I still felt like an imposter. I did not deserve these positions. Really there wasn’t anything good that I felt that I deserved.. I lived this way every day of my life.”   

  With the Power and Knowledge Systems of Glenn Turner’s unique “Steps to Greatness” Seminars, he will share with others the sum total of his life’s experiences. Mr. Turner believes that the human mind learns best by example, and his people agree.   

  ​Over 20 years ago Mr. Turner spent 4 years and 8 months in prison. Today, Glenn reflects on his roller-coaster life and tells at last, “The Whole Story” in his new book “All Things Are Possible”. He re-introduces his “Steps to Greatness” philosophy and offers hope to anyone emerging from adversity. Anything is possible with the power and knowledge of life!!  Today he is teaching others what he knows in his Steps to Greatness Seminars.​

   ​"Today, thanks to you Mr. Turner and the “Steps to Greatness” I have a new and great outlook on life. I like who I am now and have developed a understanding of my fellow man that allows me to see the greatness in all. I feel I’ve been born again in the sense that I have a new and wonderful life ahead of me. I AM GREAT!!”  

Thank- you Mr. Glenn W. Turner – Your friend Wil S., FL​

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