“Be In Health To You”  by Wil Mallone

Dr. Will Mallone , who was on Mr. Turners staff for many years and a personal friend brings you: “BE IN HEALTH” “Brethern, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and “BE IN HEALTH,” even as thy soul prospereth,” III John 2
11 hours of inspirational teaching about your BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT 
Titles to Audio CDS with description of information in each: 
(1) SUGARHOLIC Is it addictive?? How to cope!! How to kick the curse.

(2) THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE Do you live to eat or eat to live?? Obesity is a battle!!! How to win the war!!!

(3) INSOMNIA  Public enemy number one. The many cases of sleeplessness and what to do about it.

(4) JUST A BUNDLE OF NERVES Junk food, junk music, junk idea’s. A study of three basic problems in today’s world and time.

(5) HABIT Life’s robber. Are there really “good” habits? Examines the philosophy of motivation, bad habits and cures.

(6) SEX  Taboo or tyrant? When, where, and why? Nutrition, health and enjoyment – or – exploitation, lust and misery.

(7) HEADACHE  Life’s joy-killer! Holistic approach. Common, but not normal. There is something you can do about it.

(8) DISEASE  Damning, devilish, destructive. A current humanist approach is ruining our health!!!

(9) HEALING  God’s fine art!!! Natural and supernatural. Man works with God in his own healing – sometimes it’s God alone!!!

(10) JOIN THE TRIPLE “L” CLUB  How to live long and like it!! Aging or maturing??? Senility is not necessary!!!

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Price $99.95  CD’s

“Be in Health to You” 

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