Christmas Special

We are always having requests for Special Packages. So this Christmas we have added a 4 piece package of GWT’s bestA wonderful gift for an old Koscoter or Dare to Be Greater. .

Special consists of: .

1. “All Things Are Possible” the only book Mr. Turner has personally written. .

2. The movie of the first part of GWT’s life. This is a 2 part DVD package. .

3. “Challenge to America” also called, “The Red Suit Film” .

4. Special Short DVD where GWT tells the Story, Max Stitts wrote for him personally called, “The Village of Anything is Possible. .

All 4 items will be signed by Mr. Turner, and if you want them to be signed specifically for that special individual he will do that on the book..


We will gift wrap the package and send it to the continental US via 2 day priority only all for $99.00 .

Please note it maybe extra to ship to Alaska or Hawaii. .

May you and yours have a wonderful and safe Christmas. Please remember the reason for the season.

May God Bless You-


GWT’s Birthday

This event is being brought to you by GWT’s family and friends. Continue reading

Spring is here!!

Our spring weather hasn’t been as cool as we expected. Our poor family and friends up North thought they would never see an end the snow and winter. It was one of the coldest and longest winters ever in the UP, doesn’t look like there is any global warming up there.

We lost our Brother John, who passed away this May. He will be deeply missed by all. Growing up we called him Saint John. Later when he married Joyce, she would tell us, “Saint he ain’t”. John never met a person he didn’t like or wasn’t a friend. All the years he worked for me, he is the only employee, I never had one complaint on. His wife Joyce passed a couple of years ago, they had been high school sweet hearts. They were a great support to me and my family over all the years. They saved all the materials, audios & videos that were the history of the companies.

It was only a week later and we lost Uncle Jerry. He had suffered with cancer the last few years. His wife Jeannie has been gone now quite a few years. It seems once you get over 65 friends and family start out with health issues that only leads to their departure to the Lord. It reminds us to keep close to those we love. Our family has a yearly reunion it helps to keep us all in touch, if you don’t have one it maybe something you and your family would enjoy.
God Bless You- GWT

Christmas and New Years is Almost Upon Us

This year has seemed to pass more quickly than the years before. It seems like it was just spring and here we are headed into winter.

With the economy what it is many people are down because they don’t feel they can afford expensive gifts. When I was a little boy, we hardly receive anything, but something that was passed down from one child to the next. What I remember most is the feeling of oneness we shared as a family. The gifts really weren’t that important. It was a time to visit our family, and a time to rejoice for what we had. Now those warm memories are worth far more then the gifts we may have received. The gifts are long gone, but the memories are most important. So build wonderful memories of each other and the times you share together.

As many beds that I have sat at, when people are getting ready to meet the Lord, they never talk about the gifts, they talk about the times they missed with their families. They regret not spending more quality time with their children. They regret not forgiving someone over the smallest of reasons, and they regret not trying to improve broken relationships. They regret not telling someone they were sorry for what they did. Instead of regrets give the gift of love and forgiveness. Than you will be happy and fulfilled with the joy that is yours. Giving true meaning for the season!!!

God Bless You,  GWT

Spring is Here

Time passes more quickly the older you get!! It is hard to believe that Christmas, New Years, and even Easter have come and gone.

We have been bless with a new grandson and a great-granddaughter. It is amazing that our other grandchildren are in school and some in college…. It seems like yesterday when Koscot and Dare to Be Great were up and running. Life back then was like being a snowball in a avalanche.

We have been blessed to hear from many of you, who were apart of one or the other companies, who contacted us over the years. Many of you took what you learned and applied it to the rest of your lives.  Finding out that life can be a roll a-coaster many of you, held you heads up high and continued to go forward no matter what the odds were. There may have been times you had to pull your head in but in the end you won. Sometimes the only thing left was your sanity, but you made it. You were able to create something out of what seems like nothing to others. Learning that success is something that we have to constantly strive to do, you kept getting up when you were knocked down, when others would allow the defeat to keep them down.

With today’s economy your personal strength and creativity keeps you going. Prayers give you the strength you thought you lost. Realizing you aren’t dependent on your own strength will give you what you need to get through any thing that comes your way. I know from personal experience how prayer can get you through the bleakest of times. So when you are ready to give up on yourself, don’t give up on God because he is always there never giving up on you.

We are working on updating information and creating a special membership site. Please check back for the changes.

God Bless You-



Thanksgiving is here.

Thanksgiving is here again. Many are planning to spend their day with family members and friends. We all have a lot to be grateful for. I have been blessed with great health and a family that is still intact, all my brothers and sister are still here and doing quite well; as my children, grandchildren & greatgrandchildren. May you and yours be as blessed as mine. 

Time to plan for the holidays ahead in December we will be having our 4 day Steps to Greatness Course click here for more information. 
My membership site is now up and operating click here to join, we have 3 different levels that are monthly. We wanted to be affordable for everyone. 

May your Thanksgiving Day be a safe, happy and blessed.

God Bless You-  GWT & NancyAnn, Gabby, too

Holidays Are Around the Corner

As many of you know every year we plan a Holiday Steps to Greatness Seminar. This year is no different. We will finish off the Steps by bringing in New Year at our home. For more information click here.

We have had three great Steps this fall. Our students were the greatest. The growth in each individual was amazing. We had the honor of having some children in the Steps and they truly put the frosting on the cake for us all. Everyone came out of the seminars fully refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Family always takes the forefront in the Holiday Season, starting with Thanksgiving. More then ever it is important to forgive and forget those who have caused you harm; even more so with family members. We never know what tomorrow will bring, you never want to look back on your life and think that you should have said or done something before your loved one passed.  

May God Bless You & Yours,

Fall is Here!!

Time seems to be slipping away. It is hard to believe that summer is over. Most of my younger grandchildren have returned to school. It seems just yesterday they were born. As I look at the world around us, I can’t help but think what a different world it is from the one I grew up in. I can’t help but wonder are we really better off? 

Growing up on a farm I had lots of chores. My day would start out with milking the cow for the families breakfast. Going to school was difficult for me because of my harelip, I was ridiculed by many. I learned early on that if I was the first to poke fun at myself the others would laugh with me, not at me. It was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned.

My summer vacations were spent plowing, planting, weeding and taking in the crops. That didn’t leave much time for getting into to much trouble. My Father always said growing up on a farm was a good place to raise a family. Now looking back, I can see where he was right. That was a different world back then. Eventhough the lessons seemed harsh at the time, they were the foundation to my future. I learned that hard work did reap rewards. Being a sharecroppers son, there were times when I was promised a crop I had to give the money to the family so they could survive another year. At the time I felt it was harsh of my Father. Today, I have to say I have been blessed with a wonderful family and memories that could never be replaced.

One of my greatest blessing in life has been my brothers and sister, plus their extend families; that is something no amount of money can buy. My family has always been there through thick and thin. They have seen me in many different phases of my life. They are the one thing that never changes. They truly are a gift from God. I love you all.

Over the years we have heard from many families that have gone through our courses. We love all the letters and emails. Many of you have expressed, that more then money, that the ability to just survive during tough times was worth far more then the cost of the courses. Due to the times we are in, we will be offering the courses at a much lower cost. We will have Steps to Greatness One and Two coming up the first week-end in October, Step Three will be coming up the end of October,the Steps are being sponsored by another company. There is special pricing please send us an email if you are interested in attending, we will respond with the dates, the place and the time.

God Bless You- GWT   

Here it is 9/11 and 11 years have passed.

On 9/11 eleven years ago we had just gotten back from a trip to Vegas. When we walked in the door and our phone was ringing. It was Joe Bonadio from New Jersey, he was screaming in the phone turn on our TV. As we did; we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It seemed like I was on the phone for a very long time, trying to support Joe as the twin towers disappeared to the ground. The twin towers were with in his range of site from New Jersey.

A large ache came up in both mine and NancyAnn’s heart. Like millions of others we were glued to the TV for the next week or so not sure what was really happening. Watching the events unfold, it was a surreal time.

President Bush went to the site and watching him visit the many there was consoling. He was deeply touched as he reached out to the many volunteers there. Mayor Rudy Giuliani took part in the many memorial services held in the New York area, and he was beyond reproach.

Sadly the negative news was not kind to President Bush today. I have never seen the news media as slanted as we see it today, they need an attitude adjustment. I don’t know about you but; I am sick and tired of all the hate and anger that we are seeing and hearing. I don’t know about you but I would love to hear a lot more positive things.

Please include the families and friends of the many that lost their lives on this day 11 years ago in your prayers. I know we will.

God Bless you- GWT